Cloud Chasing

Monsoon season always has me gasping at beauty in every direction.My profession in these rainy months is a cloud chaser. Generally I start a ton of drawings of storms and fast moving skies and feel fortunate when I finish any of them.                           … Continue reading Cloud Chasing

Living a Still Life…my years on Crete

Living a Still Life I’ve been having a peruse into  the past, and found this article by my friend Louise Steinman, who visited me on Crete several times over the 20 years I was there. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Peace on Earth; Living a Still Life; On the Island of Crete, Sharing an Artist’s … Continue reading Living a Still Life…my years on Crete

January in Long Canyon

Long Canyon, apart from being absolutely gorgeous with its infinite range of orange-red walls, stripes of desert varnish, cracks and fissures and magical water pockets, is also plowed in the winter and wide enough so that I can park Aphrodite. So I usually enjoy some winter drawing there.The canyon walls are so tall that I … Continue reading January in Long Canyon

My Favorite Thing

Climbing up mountains with boxes of colors…(to be sung to the tune of “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on Kittens…”) We have been blessed in this part of the world with a gorgeous clear-skied crisp autumn. It seems more precious than usual with such weather chaos on the east coast. One of my very favorite … Continue reading My Favorite Thing