Cloud Chasing

Monsoon season always has me gasping at beauty in every direction.My profession in these rainy months is a cloud chaser. Generally I start a ton of drawings of storms and fast moving skies and feel fortunate when I finish any of them.

                               Finally the Monsoons! WIP

A few days ago I started one drawing, with the Henry Mountains a deep dark blue under a layer of clouds. The next day when I went to work on it, and one, the Henrys were in sun, creating an entirely different picture, and two, a man on an ATV was there and told me a truck would be loading ATVs where I was parked. He added that they’d be done in no time. And so I wandered off in range of my site and then became intrigued with another view and happily started yet another drawing.

So today I drove up the mountain hoping to finish one of the two drawings, having a choice of the Henrys in sun or in shade, but after driving fifteen minutes I was enveloped in the kind of rain where your windshield wipers are pretty useless and the sky is without a gleam of clouds breaking anywhere. I turned around, plotting to go south later in the afternoon. I thought I’d take Aphrodite* who has the advantage over the car in that I can recline and read or make a cup of tea while waiting for the sky to amaze me once more.And I was glad I did , because the skies on either side of the Hogsback were breathtaking.

last year on the Hogsback
wheeling ravens, Hogsbak

I had loaded Aphrodite with several unfinished drawings from last year, and was glad I was able to work on one of them…but then the clouds became so utterly spectacular on the other side of the road, that I was helpless to resist starting another drawing. And so the monsoon season goes. May it last for weeks!

oh dear…where is the land?

2 thoughts on “Cloud Chasing

  1. Teri Wildt

    My friend Nina Gove talked of your art and the experience of its creation. She painted pictures with words for me of you capturing Utah’s indescribable beauty.
    I believed I traveled to Boulder five or six times after Nina moved there for her permanent residence. When going out on our adventures, which often became a cup of tea or a bite to eat to get out of the house, she pointed out your painting trailer. She loved the little trailer and what it symbolized-for her-a freedom to create even in storms.
    I have a print, Boulder Bulls, which I never took out of its tube after purchasing it. I bought the print on my last visit to Boulder before Walt sent Nina to live in Seattle. After seeing Nina in Seattle, it was hard to imagine the crystal blue skies of Utah bathing those innocent bulls. Today, years after that last Boulder journey, I unwrapped Boulder Bulls. Tears filled my eyes as memories swooped into my heart. I miss Nina dearly. Yet I know that she is much happier now that she is not in that tiny Seattle room with no sunshine and no way to leave. She found the way to the light…that I believe.
    And, it’s time for me to let go and remember her in Boulder rather than Seattle.
    Thank you
    Teri Wildt
    nashville, tn

    1. Teri hello. Well your message brought tears to my eyes. I do so miss Nina too. I started a portrait of her just before she was whisked away. It was fun for the both of us though I didn’t get to finish it. I’m on the road now, but will send it to you when I get back home. All the best, Scotty

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