WIP Aphro askew
I am enamored of the slickrock formations right on Highway 12 in Boulder Town. Unfortunately it is hard to park on even terrain to draw them, but still too cold and windy for drawing outdoors. Aphrodite is needed, and she is askew, parked on the roadside. Aphrodite’s slant has poor Sophy, my dog, slumped against the passenger side door. I decide not to bring her here again, too uncomfortable. I am fortunate that I have found a sturdy shower stool for the elderly that has adjustable legs. So, although I have a hard time walking in Aphrodite, with the aid of adjustable legs and shims, I have level seating. My pastels though, resting gingerly on the couch, want to roll to the floor beyond reach, and so often do. Still it is cozy with Aphrodite gently rocking in the spring winds….winds that would knock down an easel in no time outdoors.WIPaskew

The weather has been so changeable, often snowy or sleety, or gray, that the time span for this drawing is well more than a month. So now, this last day, I am very relieved to have brought the drawing to the point where I can finish it in the studio and don’t have to broil in Aphrodite in the coming hot days. Many a drawing has been left unfinished when the weather changes….drawers full.
I wasn’t sure if this drawing wanted clouds or not, with its vast sky. And one day, with sort of perfect clouds, I mused and marked off space with cobalt blue pastel on my gray paper where the clouds might go….but I wasn’t convinced.Then serendipitously, buzzards or ravens, too far away to tell, rose and flew round the towering slickrock’s top and without thinking I made their flight quick marks on my paper. Thank you birds! Just the perfect movement to break the sky’s enormity. Serendipity.

WIP Aphro askew III

2 thoughts on “Askew/Serendipity

  1. Just beautiful Scotty!

  2. Carolyn J.

    Love these, Scotty! We’re over in Bluff, where there’s plenty of wind as well, but the temps are in the nineties this week. Thanks for sharing these.

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