Aphrodite is my 1984 Toyota Sunrader, a mini RV. She’s a longtime dream come true. For years I’ve wanted a mobile studio to draw in when it’s too cold,windy, or rainy to draw outside. I had imagined refitting a light weight stepvan, but had no luck purchasing one. Something would always go wrong for a sale.But a little over a year ago I found this Toyota RV in the want ads online. Everything proceeded from there so smoothly, from finding someone hours away in Salt Lake City to check the vehicle out for me the very next day to the owner offering to drive the Toyota three hours south to my mechanic, who needed to repair just a few things.

She looks kind of like a large shelled turtle, but beautiful to me, and the name Aphrodite just popped into my head. I had a large picture window installed and a solar panel put on top. The solar panel enables me to have lights and the furnace on without worrying on overnight trips. Her gas mileage is great and I can even do three point (well six maybe) turns on many a country road. Not only do I have a furnace, but also a propane cookstove and two swivel chairs. And I can take a break from drawing, lying on the couch with a cup of tea. Unheard of luxuries that I hadn’t imagined. I painted the thin dark plywood walls white, the cupboards a blue that reminds me of Greece, and the kitchen back wall a bright yellow. My father, who adored the whole idea, contributed the vanity license which spells XAPA, which in Greek means joy.
Aphrodite has given me a great deal of joy and still makes me grin when I’m cozily warm drawing on a cold winter’s day or when I turn on the warm yellow lights at night and feel I’m in a snug cocoon. I’ve extended the front passenger seat and made a comfy bed for my dog Sophy, which she happily dozes on while I’m at the easel.
We’ve already had many adventures together. This morning I thought I was sitting down to write about drawing in Long Canyon from my wonderful picture window, but Aphrodite needed to be introduced first, so the glories of Long Canyon will have to wait.

5 thoughts on “Aphrodite

  1. I can testify! Travels in Aphrodite are first class! Thanks for this great post which brings back the memory of our fabulous sojourn in Aphrodite last spring… look forward to more posts, more landscape paintings, and hopefully, more adventures together in the comfort of Aphrodite.

  2. Kathleen Knight

    Thanks, Scotty….for making me terribly envious! Not really. What a wonderful and well-deserved studio/home-away-from-home you’ve created.

  3. Maggie

    It was a delight to meet you and Aphrodite last summer in Ridgway. Wish we’d gone painting and don’t know now why we didn’t.

  4. So the painter can write! Hi Scotty, glad we’re in touch again. I have one of your paintings by my bed in Kifissia and another in our livingroom in Andros. So we think of you often.

  5. Hi,Scotty, It is exciting for me to hear your news, because I fell in love with your paintings in Jill Yakas Gallery in Kiffisia 10 years ago. You are my favorite painter. And now I live in Tokyo, Japan and I am happy with two of your paintings at home.
    I opened a tiny private gallery in Tokyo last spring. I’m interested in your works very much.

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