Monsoon Season

Mary Oliver starts one of her poems with
“Every day
I see or hear
that more or less

Kills me with delight…”

And happily I find that to be mostly true, but especially in monsoon season. Our summer monsoon season drives me blissfully crazy and I want to weep and moan with the beauty of it all. I drive around with a car full of unfinished sky drawings and ache to capture all those wondrous clouds that leap and dance and hover and disperse and disappear.
And sometimes I do….by being quick quick quick and entering that zone of being on one’s toes and fully present and then some magical times I am rewarded for all of my years of drawing and drawing by being able to abandon thought and run on heart and intuition. It is a joy when one cloud magically appears able to be grafted to the sketchy cloud on the page and it works, or a serendipitous smudge perfectly reflects the storm haze on the horizon.

I like to think that there’s a gleeful creator up above the sky rubbing his/her hands in anticipation, scattering water and blowing air down below to see what will happen, delighting in the endless combinations of shape and form that are always changing.
The other evening I had to chuckle while reading “The Singing Stone” by Fleischner who wrote:”I believe that people are what they pay attention to.” Well then I guess I’m a cloud!

12 thoughts on “Monsoon Season

  1. Ginger Nomura

    Love your writing and sentiments, Scotty!!!

  2. Ginger Nomura

    It was only after I posted my comment that the beautiful artwork came through! Very lovely!!

    1. ginger hi and thanks. Wish you’d come and see these skies for yourself!XXScotty

  3. You are a singing feeling laughing cloud. Beautiful post.

  4. Maggie

    Winston Churchill said “we are all worms, but I do believe I am a glow worm”. So Scotty, you are definitely a cloud – with a silver lining.

    1. Maggie thank you! and thanks for all of your other comments that appear from time to time to cheer.xxxScotty

  5. These are almost as beautiful as the real thing. Glad you are capturing those monsoon clouds.

  6. Hafsa

    Your paintings are amazing. It is wonderful watching you change and evolve… like the clouds….

  7. Pam Laird

    Wonderful blog. Love your everyday spirituality – and the art.


  8. Hi Scotty! Roger sent me to your blog and I love your skies! Bill

  9. Heidi

    Gorgeous paintings, Scotty! I especially love the top one. I just ran into that quote that you are what you pay attention to too! Except I haven’t even figured out just what I do pay attention to yet…

    Glad you are a cloud. 🙂 That sounds really fun.

  10. Thanks for the beauty of the skies and the beauty of your drawings.What a feat! What a treat!

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